Leaded lights in Peterborough
and across the UK

Art In Glass are the area’s experts for leaded lights. We at Art in Glass have over 30 years’ experience in the repair and conservation of leaded light windows in churches and historic buildings across the UK, including Burghley House and Hardwick Hall.

For how we can help with your damaged leaded lights:

See the details of how we repair and restore stained glass, elsewhere on this site.

What causes the damage?

Lead and solder deterioration is the major cause of damage to lead lights and stained glass.

The weakening of the panel structure allows movement to occur, cracking or breaking the individual glass segments.

We’re happy to advise you

Because leaded light and stained glass repair is such a specialised area, we are willing to spend the time to visit your site, to gain a better insight to your problem and offer you individual advice on the best way forward.

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